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List of Best Luxury Hotels in Hong Kong

1- The Peninsula Hong Kong *****

The Peninsula Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong is the first item on this list on the edge of Victoria Harbor. This hotel has a unique feature unlike everything else you’ve seen around the globe. It features a 12,000 square feet spa for your ultimate relaxation and comfort. Other salient features of The Peninsula Hong Kong include a Roman-style indoor pool, eight award-winning restaurants, bars, oriental elegance, and modern luxury. This hotel is designed for relaxation and wellness, Considering this, we can safely say that this hotel is an excellent choice for small families.

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2- Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong *****

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Four Seasons Hotel is another luxury brand providing excellent accommodation plans and deals in Hong Kong too. This hotel, featuring Western and Chinese elements in their design and decorations, is particularly popular among couples.

One of the beautiful features of this hotel is floor to ceiling windows that provide a panoramic view over Victoria Harbour, Victoria Peak and Kowloon, three of the most beautiful views you can have when in Hong Kong. Other features are pretty standard treatment center, steam rooms and saunas.

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3- Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong *****

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental, like many other luxury hotels in Hong Kong, overlooks Victoria Harbor. Of the many standard features of a luxury hotel, spacious and elegant rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, steam room, jacuzzi, and a sauna at the spa all make this hotel one of the major brands and luxury hotels in Hong Kong.

Panoramic views over the city and harbor and a modernized inclusive system make Mandarin Oriental a suitable option for families with kids to enjoy the many amenities and features of luxuriousness.

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4- W Hong Kong *****

w hong kong

Hotel W Hong Kong, from Marriott Hotels, is this brand’s most luxury hotel in Hong Kong. This hotel is among the tallest hotels available in Hong Kong. Its design is inspired by nature. Being tall has provided this hotel with many advantages over others. The first advantage or unique feature of W Hong Kong is an outdoor pool on the 76th floor overlooking the city, harbor, and the ocean at the same time.

The second most salient feature of this hotel is its architecture and decorations. W Hong Kong has used world-famous designers to make this happen. So, expect to see many architectural designs and wonders when staying at this hotel. The location, and access to the main transportation infrastructure of Hong Kong, make this hotel great for solo and business travelers with their families with computer workstations and secretarial services.

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5- St. Regis Hong Kong *****

St. Regis Hong Kong

St. Regis calls itself “Redefining the St. Regis legacy on Hong Kong Island,” and they are not wrong. The interior design of André Fu at this hotel is breathtakingly beautiful and brings elegance and diverse cultures into one single complex design.

Two of the most renowned restaurants, helmed by Chef Olivier Elzer and Chef Hung Chi-Kwong, have made this brilliant restaurant a choice for families with diverse tastes. Families and friends can also enjoy their international dining options along with tea and other beverages experiences.

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6- Ritz Carlton Hong Kong *****

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

You would love Ritz Carlton! It is almost like the tallest hotel in Hong Kong, with beautiful views over the ocean and the city. Their luxurious rooms are located on 102 to 118 floors of this building. Also, five restaurants make your dining options more delightful than ever.

Apart from the marvelous views over the city, this hotel also is strategically placed near the main transportation infrastructure. we can categorize it as a romantic hotel with infinity pools and many more recreational choices.

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7- The Upper House *****

The Upper House Hong Kong

The next item on the list is The Upper House. This place is another high-in-the-sky hotel in Hong Kong that provides stunning views over the city and ocean. The Upper house is on the top floors of Gothia Towers. This hotel, with an indoor spa on 18 to 20 levels, provides a stunning view over the city of Hong Kong.

Stunning views, indoor and outdoor pools, along with Turkish steam bath and spa treatments make this hotel one of the top locations rated by couples. This hotel is considered a romantic choice.

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8- K11 Artus *****

K11 Artus

This hotel has a rather strange name: K11 ARTUS. However, it is one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels you could find in Hong Kong. K11 Artus is near Victoria Harbor, therefore expect to see some wonderful views over the ocean.

Rooms in this hotel are spacious and perfect for small families. Also, non-smoking rooms make sure it caters to your particular family needs. All rooms have coffee and tea maker for your ultimate relaxation. Other amenities include a 24-hour front desk, a restaurant, and an outdoor pool.

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9- Island Shangri-La Hong Kong *****

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong

Shangri-La is another famous hotel brand with its Island Shangri-La, a Hong Kong hotel. This hotel, like The Upper House, is located 56 floors above another building: the Pacific Place Shopping Complex.

The running theme of this hotel’s decorations is Oriental-style furnishing with floor-to-ceiling windows. All spacious rooms overlooking Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbour are perfect for both families and couples.

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10- The Murray Hong Kong *****

the murray hotel Hong Kong

The Murray brand from Niccolò is another brand known for its luxurious hotels worldwide. This hotel is spread across 25 levels includes five dining restaurants. One of these restaurants is placed on the rooftop with a panoramic view. Also, around the arches, there are terraces to enjoy the view.

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