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TOP 8 Best Luxury Hotels in Zurich

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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. This city is famous for its banking and economics of the country. Sometimes they call this city Europe’s chief financial capital. For this reason, Zurich is a popular destination for families and business travelers. Travelers who want to engage in this category of activities. However, keep in mind that this city is also among the top beautiful cities worldwide. You can engage in many fun activities and tours while in Zurich.

For instance, you can enjoy many museums, an old town full of Renaissance buildings, and artful designs around the city. In this article, we have gathered Zurich’s most popular, expensive, and luxury hotels that you can stay while visiting. This list is by no means exhaustive, and there is not any particular order for them. Enjoy!


1- Baur au Lac ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

zurich Baur au Lac

Alright! Let’s start the list with one of the most luxurious and historic hotels available in Zurich. Baur au Lac, with more than 175 years of service, provides you with one of the splendid hotel experiences possible. This exceptional hotel is in the middle of its private park. Furthermore, this situation, and its location, provides a magnificent view over Lake Zurich and the Alps. Also, Baur au Lac is within walking distance from the banking center at Parade Square and the famous Bahnhofstrasse shopping street.

Markedly, all rooms and suites in this hotel are stylish and offer the most comfortable stay possible. This luxury hotel has become a standard that defines luxury in Zurich. With that said, you can choose between 18 luxurious suites, 27 Junior Suites (spacious room), and Double or Single Rooms. The design of all the rooms is timelessly elegant with carefully customized furniture that has your relaxation in mind.

Regarding dining, you have five options, including: Pavillon, their two Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant that provides modern and classic cuisine; Baur, the classic brasserie with a warm ambiance; Le Hall called the living room of Zurich; Baur au Lac Terrace, offering an exquisite setting for you to spend your time on a terrace bar; and, finally, Baur au Lac Vins & Chef Sommelier Marc Almert, a professional wine retailer since 1844 that provides exclusive wine experiences.

Besides providing a unique setting and beautiful historic interior and exterior, you can also book an event at this place. Furthermore, other services and amenities include medical massages, a beauty salon, and limousine service. All the amenities make this hotel a suitable option for families and couples.

The fabulous views and location make this place an ideal location for all guests. Furthermore, you can invite your guests to your events planned at this luxurious location for their ultimate comfort.


  • Starting Price: $900 per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $5,400 (up to three guests) per room


  • Close to the prestigious shopping street of Bahnhofstrasse
  • Superb views over Zurich Lake
  • Fine-dining restaurant experience


  • There isn’t any pools or spa available on-site.
  • The fitness center is relatively small.

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2- The Dolder Grand ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

zurich The Dolder Grand

Although The Dolder Grand enjoys a privileged location like Baur au Lac, however, unlike the previous item, it is famous for its natural surroundings. In addition, the natural surrounding above Zurich has provided The Dolder Grand a superb opportunity to provide one of the largest spas available with more than 4,000 m2 of surface area. Also, you can enjoy two award-winning restaurants available on-site for ultimate fine-dining experiences.

As mentioned above, their spa is one of the most exclusive ones in Switzerland. In addition, this award-winning spa provides an experience dubbed as a few hours in paradise. Pool, sauna, and treatments are the services you can expect from this spa. There are 18 treatment rooms and two spa suites.

Besides all the services for your relaxation, their rooms have a design according to this running theme. For example, the views they offer include Zurich, Lake Zurich, the Alps, and a nearby forest, all of which are magnificently beautiful. All guests have access to Saltz Restaurant and The Bar, which are self-explanatory.

All guests can use the free shuttle service to the city center or request a limousine service. Markedly, this hotel is suitable for both families and couples. However, couples rate this place as a popular destination. You can use their different venues for private events, weddings, or corporate gatherings.

This place is the definition of relaxation. Besides, the natural setting and surrounding perimeter add to the comforting and relaxing feeling you get from staying at The Dolder Grand.



  • Starting Price: $850 per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $6,250 per room


  • Beautiful view options you can choose to stay.
  • Top-notch spa and relaxation plans.
  • Shuttle service to the city center.


  • Their official website lacks enough information about the hotel.

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3- Le Bijou Lintheschergasse, Zurich HB ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

zurich Le Bijou Lintheschergasse

If you are looking for an exceptionally private setting for your stay in Zurich, then Le Bijou Lintheschergasse is for you. The best way to describe this hotel is to quote the first sentence from their official website: “hotel service, without the other hotel guests.” Here at Le Bijou, you have access to a world-class hotel in which privacy and a chic environment are two of the most impeccable features this one has to offer.

All this boutique hotel provides are apartments. In this regard, Le Bijou Lintheschergasse calls itself a revolution in the hotel industry. With this hotel, you can truly experience the privacy of a luxury home. Every single apartment at this hotel is beautifully designed and provides eye-pleasing features. Everything is chic and of high quality.

Incorporating dark and warm colors, besides other signature design features and natural elements, makes these luxury apartments more desirable. For instance, wooden flooring, Italian tiles, and award-winning designer furnishings, in addition to cutting-edge technologies, are some of these elements that come into mind.

Although warm colors and a romantic setting makes this hotel a suitable choice for couples, spacious apartments are best for small to medium-sized families. Also, all rooms come with a fully equipped kitchen.

Swiss National Museum, Lindenhof and Kunsthaus Zurich, and City Centre of Zurich are some of the nearby places you could visit during your stay.

Complete privacy is the running theme at this place. With Le Bijou Lintheschergasse, you can feel and experience the luxury living experience in Zurich.



  • Starting Price: $830 per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,300 (up to 6 guests) per room


  • Full privacy-preserving setting.
  • Exceptionally well design theme.
  • Affordable prices/number of guests ratio.


  • Access to staff is limited due to complete privacy.
  • Dining options are limited.

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4- The Dufour, Suites & Rooms by Hotel Schweizerhof ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

zurich The Dufour, Suites & Rooms by Hotel

The Dufour, Suites & Rooms by Hotel Schweizerhof has a rather strange name. But trust me, this is the official title that Hotel Schweizerhof has provided for its most luxurious 5-star rooms in Zurich. Accordingly, you can access the most comfortable and exclusive experience at the heart of Zurich. Lindenhof, ETH Zurich, and Kunsthaus Zurich are other salient nearby places.

This property is within walking distance to the Swiss National Museum that provides particular services for business travelers. For instance, a 24-hour front desk, currency exchange for guests, and a work-desk inside the rooms are some of the amenities for business travelers. Also, there is a business center for your meetings and business encounters.

Another distinguishing service they offer is Red Doorman greetings from Zurich train station. This property is one of the historical places you could stay in Zurich. Furthermore, you can engage in fun activities like Hiking, Walking Tours, Live Music, and Performance nearby.

This place is all about business. Although we can categorize this as a family center that cares for your family, it is heavily geared towards business activities.



  • Starting Price: $720 per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,900 per room


  • Family and child services like babysitting.
  • Providing many business amenities like safety deposit boxes and valet parking.
  • Best for business travelers with or without their families.


  • Limited information on the official website.
  • Limited dining options and lack of fine-dining experience.

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5- Widder Hotel – Zurichs luxury hideaway ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

zurich Widder Hotel

The next item on the list is another hotel that provides a living experience for your adventures in Zurich. Widder hotel is actually a collection of 9 buildings. Markedly, each one of these buildings is renovated historic buildings with famous artists’ decorations. For instance, Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Adolf Loos are all the artists that have combined their ideas and designs to make this hotel’s interior and furniture look as splendid as it looks today.

Furthermore, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and others have made a real effort in making sculptures and paintings. Based on this, we cannot take our attention away from its artistic approach to its design. Besides, every single room at this hotel has individual and unique decorations and designs. Although they’ve tried to preserve the natural, traditional and historical appearance of the entire building, you have access to modern video and audio systems and technologies.

Last, but not least, Widder Hotel also enjoys great dining options. The Widder Restaurant, with Swiss and international cuisine and Awarded 15 points by the Gault Millau guide; or Zur Schtund restaurant that provides traditional Swiss cuisine are two restaurants you could dine in. Also, a large selection of spirits and beverages are available at the Widder Bar.

Its space and surroundings provide you with great opportunities to organize events. Business, personal or romantic events can be carefully designed and hosted with special perfection and careful planning services.

This hotel is among the top romantic destinations available in Zurich, ergo it is an excellent choice for romantic couples for both events and honeymoons.

This hotel is the meaning of artful design. Many famous artists have made a real effort to make this hotel an eye-pleasing one. Furthermore, you’ll never get tired of all the variety of arts surrounding you.



  • Starting Price: $560 per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $3,800 per room


  • Everything at this hotel is proportionally designed for all kinds of guests.
  • Artful design and eye-pleasing furniture.
  • Full amenities despite the historical design.
  • Impressive dining and wining options.


  • No spa and fitness center available.

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6- Storchen Zürich – Lifestyle boutique Hotel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Zurich Storchen

Storchen Zürich has an exceptional feature that sets it apart from all other items on the list: it was in service for over 650 years. This hotel, at the heart of Zurich, has a private boat pier directly at the Limmat River. Many attraction sites are within walking distance. For instance, Zurich Main Station is only a 10-minute walk from this hotel.

As this hotel is at the historic heart of Zurich, the fact that it has its private boat pier provides an opportunity for them to offer two types of views: picturesque Old Town or unique views of the river.

Despite being hosted on a historic building, all interior design and furniture have warm colors and a modern look. All furniture and amenities are carefully selected to make this hotel one of the top lifestyle boutique hotels available for couples. Take this with a grain of salt, but this hotel, on this list, has the highest ranking for romantic and couple’s getaway.

In addition, dining in this facility is as splendid as its other parts. You have several options for dining: La Rôtisserie restaurant, which offers Swiss buffet breakfast and beautiful terrace view overlooking the River Limmat and the Grossmünster Church; the Storchen bar, with a cigar bar; and The Nest, which is a unique rooftop bar with magnificent views over the rooftops of Zurich.

Great ratings come with great efforts. Markedly, this hotel is the top romantic hotel on the list that can provide a perfect combination of modern and classic features. Furthermore, its private views make it more desirable than anything else.



  • Starting Price: $500 per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $2,000 per room


  • One of the top choices for romantic couples.
  • Splendid dining options with great views.
  • Superb location with easy access.


  • None

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7- Park Hyatt Zurich – City Center Luxury ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

zurich Park Hyatt

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the top luxury hotel brands in the entire world: Park Hyatt Zurich. This breathtaking hotel, at the heart of Zurich, is steps away from Bahnhofstrasse shopping street, Lake Zurich, and the Old Town. However, its location isn’t the only important thing at this hotel. Markedly, this hotel has an iconic avant-garde architecture that combines many contemporary artistic elements both in interior and exterior. Its glass-fronted exterior is another iconic view this hotel brings into the city.

As always, this brand focuses on its hospitality for families. Marble baths, spacious work desks, complimentary Wi-Fi, and city views are the main options you could have while staying at the suites or rooms. Generally, you can choose between four rooms and five suites. This hotel is geared towards families, and their suites are uniquely spacious and recommended.

Furthermore, quality dining and cocktails are consequential for this place. Regarding dining, you have four exquisite options: Parkhuus, with swiss cuisine and flavors with 15 Gault Millau points and open kitchen show; The Lobby Lounge, offering casual dining experience with airy space; ONYX Bar, providing signature cocktails; and Café Z, which is a casual bistro-style eatery for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

In addition, other amenities include a health club, a gym, steam bath, sauna, and treatment rooms.

The best place you can indulge in a luxurious experience with your family and loved ones. You get all the things you need: a spacious room or suite, superb location, and great views.



  • Starting Price: $640 per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $4,000 per room


  • Top-notch design.
  • Contemporary artful elements are incorporated into the space.
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows both in rooms and in some dining options.
  • More than 3000 bottles of wine to choose from.


  • There isn’t any swimming pool available.

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8- La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

zurich La Réserve Eden au Lac

Finally, we arrive at La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich, another historic building with magnificent space. The design of this splendid building is from the ultimate creativity of Philippe Starck and La Réserve. They both have provided their vision of excellence in making this happen. This building was in service form 100 years ago. However, its current artistic touch is from Philippe Starck, a well-known French designer.

What they had in mind when designing this building was excellence, in addition to authenticity and simplicity. These concepts are evident in the options you have for accommodation. There are eight types of rooms, from 20 to 75 m2, according to your needs. All the rooms have kept their true nature and authenticity, and you can feel the history when in this hotel.

Furthermore, they have put a lot of effort into designing their elegant and historic culinary experiences with contemporary cuisine. This unique setting is accompanied by only one bar and one restaurant. This singularity is in line with the simplicity that we’ve mentioned before. Eden Kitchen & Bar provides you with a meeting setting, and La Muna, on the sixth floor, provides a terrace experience for you to make memories.

La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich is within walking distance to Bahnhofstrasse shopping street. Other nearby places include Museum Rietberg, Buerkliplatz, Swiss National Museum, Paradeplatz, and Fraumunster Church. Besides, with a romantic, historical setting, we can safely say that this hotel is an excellent choice for couples.

Everything is traditional at this palace. You feel the history in every inch of your body. Besides, creativity and elegance meet with contemporary amenities and furniture to create the best classic experience possible.



  • Starting Price: $540 per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $4,000 per room


  • Feel the history at this hotel.
  • Abundant room options with great views.
  • Meeting (and dating) area in the ground floor restaurant.
  • A scenic lakeside location on Utoquai.


  • Limited dining options.

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Zurich is famous for its baking and financial capital of Switzerland, making it known as the most expensive city worldwide! Besides, this city enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and shopping centers. Many of the visits to this place are for business or shopping purposes. However, it isn’t the only reason. There are many attractions and opportunities for everyone to enjoy Zurich. This article introduced the most expensive and luxurious hotels in Zurich for your ultimate comfort and luxurious trip experience.