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TOP 12 Best Luxury Hotels in Mykonos

Mykonos Luxury Hotels

Mykonos island is one of the marvelous parts of the world to travel and have a wonderful experience. Markedly, one of the profound decisions to make before traveling is which hotel to stay. To this end, there are many factors to consider. When there are many excellent hotels available, this decision gets more challenging. This article provides you with a comprehensive list of the best luxurious hotels in Mykonos to make your decision a little easier.


1- Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

mykonos Santa Marina

Let’s start the list by Santa Marina, which is exemplary on this island. Markedly, the hotel is 4 km away from the private beach and is along the Mediterranean Sea, so you will get an excellent view if you book a room at this hotel. Moreover, the famous windmills of Mykonos have is just 3 km away.

This hotel promises to provide you with a sense of mesmerizing freedom! For instance, this beauty enjoys a perfect location for your sightseeing adventures. Markedly, there are 101 guest rooms and 13 exceptional villas. Their design is just exceptionally nature-inspired with access to infinity pools. You’ll get a complete lifestyle experience when you stay at this hotel.

The elegance of the decoration of the rooms is another advantage that you should take into account. Additionally, this hotel provides amenities including a spa, a fitness center, outdoor pools, a cocktail bar, and two restaurants. The hotel is wheelchair-friendly and offers numerous other services that you might need. Laundry service and free Wi-Fi are also at your service. All rooms have air conditioners which make the traveling experience in the summer much more pleasurable.

Furthermore, as long as food goes, besides a private dining experience with classy and elegant cuisine, you have four options for dining and drinking: Santa Marina Beach bar, for snacks and cocktails in a beach chick environment, Mykonos Social by Jason Atherton; a Mediterranean and Greek all-day dining restaurant; Oasis Pool and Lounge, which provides all-day dining and cocktail menus in a complete relaxed poolside environment; and Buddha-Bar Beach Mykonos, offering seafood and Asian cuisine in a sophisticated environment.

Oh, the freedom! You should experience it yourself! Chiefly, this is one of the best hotels you could enjoy with a great atmosphere and vibrant views over the ocean. I love it.


  • The Starting Price: $640/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $3,500/night per room


  • Exclusive resort with white-sand private beaches.
  • Easy access to many attraction sites and the airport.
  • Chiefly, views and natural design elements are exceptional.


  • Access to some parts of the resort requires going up and down many stairs.
  • The hotel is accessible only from May to October.

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2- Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge -The Leading Hotels of the World ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

mykonos Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge

Bill and Coo, with a stylish name, is an excellent hotel that will give you a paradise-like experience. This hotel is 2 km from the Aegean Maritime Museum and the Church of Panagia Paraportiani, with outstanding decoration. Markedly, its elegance is bewildering.

The basic rooms provide you with standard amenities like bathrobes, room service, flat-screen TV, hairdryer, air conditioning, and a private balcony.  However, this hotel isn’t just about in-room amenities; it is about a luxurious and paradise-like experience you cannot find anything else.

Bill & Coo is a part of Leading Hotels of the World, which means all equipment and amenities are of many high standards. Furthermore, speaking of high standards, the best rooms you can stay at this facility are called the coastal suites. These suites, in Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge, are what makes this hotel exceptionally unique.

Furthermore, they have four dining venues. Each one of these venues has its unique characteristics and beauties: Markedly, Beefbar Mykonos, a beach bar-restaurant that serves fine quality meats and Mediterranean cuisine; The Gastronomy Project, a passionate, imaginative culinary experience provider with Mediterranean culinary; Sunset Lounge Bar, a stylish and relaxed place for tickling your taste buds by the bool and seascape; finally, Taverna, modern Greek cuisine in a traditional setting.

If you need to stay in paradise, this hotel is for you. Bill & Coo, with luxurious hilltop settings and chic restaurants, make you have an elegant and luxurious travel experience.


  • The Starting Price: $740/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $2,000/night per room


  • Provide a separate complex for adult-only activities.
  • Hilltop suites have furnished balconies with great views.
  • There is an outdoor infinity pool overlooking the ocean.


  • Some suites lack enough privacy in comparison to others.
  • Markedly, hilltop location means steep walking to and from the hotel.

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3- Kensho Psarou ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

mykonos Kensho Psarou

Kensho Psarou is another hotel along the beach. It is 4 km away from the airport, which is an advantage in and of itself. Kensho Psarou has 31 rooms and four villas. Rooms come with either outdoor tubs or private plunge pools. So, every room affords you a superb view of the waters along with all the other advantages that it provides. The hotel’s architecture uses ancient wood and local stone and has a unique design. This design makes it one of the most elegant hotels in Greece. No matter which room you stay in, you will feel like you are in paradise.

One interesting fact about this hotel is its access to Psarou Beach. This beach is among the top famous, busy, and cosmopolitan beaches with beautiful white sand and crystal blue water. Besides, you can also enjoy the mountain backdrop. Besides having a beautiful view, full amenities, and stunning Aegean architecture, you also have access to an outdoor pool and a hot tub. Also, there are a wellness and a spa center at your service with extra charge. All in all, this hotel is best suitable for romantic couples and two-person trips.

Now we get to one of the most important aspects of staying in a paradise-like hotel: dining venues. There are four options available on-site, each of which provides an exceptional view and setting, just like every other aspect of this resort.

Their spa and wellness facilities are exceptional. Everything at this hotel is here to remind you that you are living in a paradise. Further, all these architectural elements are exemplary.


  • The Starting Price: $510/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,700/night per room


  • There are excellent dining options with perfect ambiance.
  • The whole hotel has a stunningly beautiful design and environment.
  • Chiefly, beach access is so close and romantic.


  • Some menus and amenities are pricy.

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4- Branco Mykonos ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This hotel, which bravely calls itself ‘A Universe of You,’ is on the shore of the Aegean Sea with spectacular views and luxurious hospitality. Markedly, this hotel is all about hospitality and luxury. The crystal-clear sea and beautiful beach with sunbeds and vibrant music are here to make sure you’ll experience a one-of-a-kind accommodation.

Perhaps one of the fascinating features of this hotel is its outdoor pool surrounded by pool beds. Also, this outdoor pool has access to a beachfront bar that doubles the pleasure you’ll get from this mesmerizing ambiance. Furthermore, another cool feature on the beach is the exceptional treatments and messages they’ve planned for you.

Markedly, all rooms at this facility have a high degree of luxurious and elegant furniture. These rooms at this resort are light in color, with access to balconies that provide you with stunning views over the Aegean Sea. According to all the above, this facility is an excellent choice for couples and romantic trips.

As for food, it is exciting to see a unique culinary experience called The Taste. Markedly, on the Taste webpage, you’ll find a very engaging restaurant and dining venue with Greek and multicultural food. This restaurant overlooks the beautiful Platis Gialos beach with a fine dining experience. Although this restaurant is the only available option for the guests, its stunning, professional, and friendly ambiance makes it a unique journey of its own.

This hotel is proud of its hospitality. When you stay in their light-colored rooms, with mesmerizing views over the sea, you can forget all about the busy city life and the problems it bears. Relax and enjoy!


  • The Starting Price: $520/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,200/night per room


  • Providing services with top-notch hospitality in mind.
  • Chiefly, this hotel offers superb views over the sea from balconies available for rooms.
  • Excellent choice of furniture and color theme for the design of the units.
  • Close to Mykonos Town and Psarou Beach.


  • There is only one restaurant available on-site.

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5- Mykonos Riviera – Small Luxury Hotels of the World ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mykonos Riviera is another luxury hotel in Mykonos with an ideal location. It is Ideal because it is two km from renowned Mykonos Town, known for its views. This property provides you with a sizzling panoramic view and makes rare experiences possible. Besides all these vistas, you have access to a beach with a short 6-minute walk.

This ultra-chic hotel, with luxurious accommodations, has a nautical-themed style unique in itself. This location, and these vistas, have provided this facility with great opportunities to offer exquisite amenities. Markedly, one of the prominent amenities that takes advantage of this location is their spa and infinity pool facilities that are top-notch. This theme is also evident in their room design. All the rooms and suites at this hotel enjoy the exquisite nautical esthetics with luxurious views of the Aegean Sea.

Furthermore, regarding food, there are many options available. LAFS RESTAURANT, which calls itself aal-sense dining under the stars, is a conceptual dining experience offering seafood. POOL CLUB is for night-time outdoor adventures with access to an infinity pool and stunning views. Finally, MYKONOS RIVIERA POOL SUNSET BAR, as its name suggests, is a bar designed exclusively for sunset experiences with sophisticated ambiance.

Apart from all the options you have for dining, you can always use their exceptional personalized dining experience. Markedly, this dining experience is for those who need a private romantic or picnic-like dining experience. This dining adventure is another reason we call this hotel one of the most romantic options out there.

The private terrace with nautical-themed decoration and luxury amenities make this hotel one of the top unique hotels you could find theme-wise. You cannot find anything like it elsewhere.


  • The Starting Price: $440/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $8,600 per room


  • There is a romantic and private dining option available.
  • There are many dining options for ultimate relaxation and luxury.
  • Unique themes and aesthetics.


  • Beach access is within a 6-minute walking distance.

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6- Kensho Ornos ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kensho Ornos is a boutique hotel on the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. This hotel has been in service since 2016, and the most prominent feature it is known for is its cultural blend. Markedly, these cultural elements make your trip more enjoyable and unforgettable than ever was before. Kensho Ornos is among the hotels with limited capacity for guests, with only ten suites and 25 rooms.

One of the prominent features that bring culture to the forefront is their evening programs under the starlit sky and listening to the music. Furthermore, it has close access to Ornos Beach. All the rooms and suites at this facility are bright and airy, equipped with either a hot tub or a private pool. Chiefly, these rooms and the whole ambiance boasts a traditional Cycladic design combined with luxurious elements, a unique feature in itself.

Markedly, among the many amenities, one caught our attention: the cave spa. This unique spa carved inside caves has two treatment rooms, a Hammam, a Jacuzzi, an Indoor Pool, a Tropical rain bed, a Gym, Outdoor Classes, and a Beauty Salon. As such, this hotel is a perfect choice for families who need spacious rooms and privacy in a luxuriously private beach resort.

Finally, as for food, this property enjoys four dining venues on-site. The title and served dishes are just like the other luxurious hotel from this brand on this list: KENSHŌ PSAROU RESTAURANT, offering Greek flavors with Japanese and Peruvian elements; second, KENSHŌ PSAROU BEACH BAR, a beach bar experience with a superb selection of cocktails and fine wines; third, KENSHŌ ORNOS RESTAURANT, offering a perfect setting with traditional l Mediterranean flavors twist with Asian and Latin dishes, and finally; KENSHŌ ORNOS SUNSET & LOUNGE BAR, which is a relaxing lounge bar.

The unique ambiance they provide is exceptional. Markedly, the dining venues are a one-of-a-kind experience. Also, limited capacity means you have complete privacy and ultimate relaxation with your family to enjoy.


  • The Starting Price: $440/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,145 per room


  • Preserving privacy in a less crowded environment.
  • Markedly unique Cycladic design combined with luxury.
  • A cave spa dedicated to full body, skin, and soul wellness.
  • A variety of food options and dining venues.


  • Limited Capacity.

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7- Habitat Mykonos All Suite Hotel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

As the title suggests, this hotel is an all-suite facility that offers spacious rooms and suites for all guests. Habitat Mykonos is near Agios Stefanos village, a perfect hideaway for a relaxed Mykonian lifestyle. All the suites in this hotel have a chic bohemian design that gets its inspiration from nature. This hotel is home away from home and the central theme running through it is an authentic life experience you’ll never forget.

However, the Agios Stefanos isn’t the only nearby location of interest. Agios Stefanos Beach is within walking distance to this property and other notorious attractions, like Anastasia Beach and Tourlos Beach, are other nearby places that make this hotel’s location more superb.

Besides beach access, there is a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a landscaped beautiful garden, and a sun terrace. Based on all the reviews, this property is suitable for couples and families. However, families prefer this place more than couples because of its spacious suites and home away from home experience.

For dining, there are two options for you to choose from: a restaurant and a bar. However, these two simple choices provide you with a unique journey and experience you’ll never forget. Their restaurant offers fine-dining and unique flavors of contemporary dishes with Mediterranean recipes. On the other hand, the pool bar is an excellent choice for poolside bliss and enjoying the natural harmony. Markedly, there are talented experts and classic cocktails for every taste.

This sun deck is a game-changer. With all the close nearby beaches and places, you can only relax and find yourself submerged into all these good feelings on this sun deck.


  • The Starting Price: $870/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,220/night per room


  • Beautiful sun deck providing a relaxing environment.
  • Privacy-preserving through providing all villas.
  • Spacious rooms and full amenities.


  • There is a limited number of restaurants and bars available on-site.
  • This property does not have private beach access.

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8- Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort is one of the most luxurious and romantic beach-front resorts that offer rare settings for everyone to enjoy. However, its main focus is on providing romantic ambiance and experiences. So, from the very beginning, we conclude that this resort is all for romance and barefoot journeys.

This boutique hotel overlooks the beauty of Delos Island with very close access to the Agios Ioannis Beach. As we’ll see in what follows, this resort is very famous for the fine-dining experiences and settings it provides. Besides dining and great views, all the rooms at this facility enjoy Cycladic architecture and soothing interior décor that makes the romance more pleasing. All the rooms have outdoor spaces like balconies or patios.

Other facilities that make this hotel more enjoyable than ever are Althea Spa Center, with several treatments, private and public pools, a gym, and a tennis court. Also, outside the facility, you have easy access to Mykonos Town, the island’s port and airport.

Furthermore, regarding dining, this hotel has one restaurant and three bars. The main restaurant, called Nama Restaurant, provides Greek culinary experiences. Nama in Greek orthodox tradition means ‘a gift from God’. This unique experience is why their restaurant is one of the unique ones in this arena. Also, you can request a private romantic dinner on the beach. Besides, as mentioned above, there are three bars on-site, each one having its unique features and tastes to offer.

The sea view is everything at this hotel. You can access many amenities like telescopes to make the most out of their sea-view advantages. Also, there are many swimming pools and luxurious balconies for maximum relaxation.


  • The Starting Price: $440/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $2,200/night per room


  • There are plenty of bars on-site to choose from.
  • It is very close to Mykonos Town.
  • Many activities related to their views over the beach and the sea.
  • Infinity pools with excellent views over the sea.


  • Only one restaurant is available on site.
  • There aren’t any private balconies.
  • For a pure sea view, you should choose your room carefully.
  • Not all guests can use and access the infinity pool.

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9- Myconian Villa Collection – Preferred Hotels & Resorts ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Myconian Villa Collection, as evident from its name, is a collection of villas. Being all-villa accommodation has provided this facility with an opportunity to offer a super-private luxurious staying experience. Myconian Villa Collection is on a hillside above Elia Bay that, by nature, provides a spaciously private housing experience with uninterrupted views over the sea. All villas at this facility have private terraces with a 360-degree panoramic view.

All the interior design enjoys many hand-crafted details with light and soft colors. Combined with the seaside location and access to the beach, this collection is an excellent choice for both families and couples.

Finally, as always, we’ll get into introducing the dining venues this exceptional villa collection has to offer. As evident on their official website, this hotel uses first-class local flavors by the star chef Thodoris Kyriakidis. Besides in-room dining, there are two restaurants and one infinity pool bar available on site. Nouveau (day) restaurant, with freshly baked bread and coffee, provides a superb breakfast experience in an airy ambiance.

On the other hand, Cabbanes restaurant offers an open-air poolside a-la-carte restaurant based on local produce. This restaurant shows its advantage only at night under starlit night and candlelight tables, overlooking the moonlit sea.

Spacious rooms and private space are all you need to enjoy a calm and romantic trip. Furthermore, you can relax in the hillside location with stunning views over the sea on the free sunbeds and private space offered to you.


  • The Starting Price: $340/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,800 per room


  • Private villas with beautiful decorations.
  • Privacy-preserving features in mind.
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas are free to access.
  • It is close to Elia Beach with a private area there.
  • There are refreshments in the outdoor infinity saltwater pool free of charge.


  • Its location is not close to Mykonos Town.
  • Because of the remote location, the shuttle service is often crowded.
  • It is in a hillside location. Therefore, accessibility may be an issue.

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10- Palladium Hotel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The palladium hotel’s official website opens with two words: Feel Exceptional. This facility tries to make you feel exceptional and experience a different stay. To this end, they provide a unique blend of services and decorations that’ll make you feel special from the moment you arrive at the hotel.

Besides superb services, this hotel is among the top hotels in Mykonos that enjoy a fabulous location. Palladium is within walking distance to the beach, Platis Gialos, Psarou Beach, and the famous Nammos. Apart from its location, as mentioned above, this property is all about exceptional services. For instance, you can enjoy a floating breakfast basket in the privacy of your private pool.

Further, other services include a spa and massage center, beauty salon, hammam, heated outdoor and indoor swimming pool, a fashion boutique, sauna, and a top-notch fitness center. This hotel is particularly suitable for couples, especially if you get a room with either a private pool or a hot tub.

Furthermore, there are four dining venues available on-site: two restaurants and two bars. The first restaurant is called La Veranda Restaurant and is convenient for lunch and dinner. This restaurant serves Greek and Mediterranean food with a beautiful ambiance. The second restaurant, Blé Restaurant, is a rich American buffet breakfast for guests before their day begins.

Besides, Lobby Bar and Pool Bar are the only two bar options available on-site, which offer a stylish and elegant environment. Each of these bars has its unique ambiance, and its application is evident by its name.

If you want the ultimate holiday experience in an awarded hotel, Palladium is for you. This hotel is all about custom-made services that indulge all your senses to their maximum.


  • The Starting Price: $549/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,430/night per room


  • Hillside location with stunning views over the sea.
  • Balconies or patios make enjoying the view more pleasant.
  • Two beaches, shops, and other restaurants are within walking distance.


  • Markedly, hillside location means some accessibility difficulties.
  • Occasional crowded surrounding around the pool.

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11- Aeonic Suites and Spa ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Aeonic Suites and Spa is one of the most unique and brand-new experiences you could expect. According to the official website, the running theme at this hotel is being timeless and eternal. This property is steps away from Korfos. Furthermore, Ornos, Korfos Beach, and Mykonos Windmills are also close to this property.

As evident from its name, this hotel emphasizes wellness and spa. Markedly, once again, they remind you that when in Genesis Spa at Aeonic, time moves slower, and you’ll feel the ultimate relaxation. The moment you arrive at this spa, you can choose packages and treatments according to expert advice and your unique needs.

Further, this hotel provides an intimate in-suite dining experience, adding to its romanticism and privacy. Besides in-suite dining, you have access to one restaurant and two bars. Cove restaurant, a seafront restaurant, offers vibrant flavors in a unique environment. As they call it, the culinary experience only begins with food. Furthermore, there are two beautiful bars called the Cove Bar and Kyano Bar. These bars offer all kinds of snacks and drinks in a unique ambiance with calming views and decorations.

Everything is relaxing at this facility. Markedly, the moment you step into this hotel, suddenly you realize you’re in a different world. A world in which your utmost relaxation and comfort are of paramount importance.


  • The Starting Price: $680/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $3,700/night per room


  • Very chic and beautiful dining venues.
  • Beaches and crystal-clear waters have provided an exceptional opportunity for this place.
  • Everything is delightful and calm.


  • There is only one restaurant available.
  • It is not specifically a beach resort. However, it is only close to beaches.

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12- Amazon Mykonos Resort & Spa ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Finally, we’ve arrived at Amazon Mykonos Resort & Spa, another seasonal hotel on Mykonos which is in service from May to October. This beauty is within a 10-minute walk from Agios Ioannis Beach of Mykonos and 4,6 km from Mykonos International Airport, and 6 km from the new port of Mykonos. This location makes this hotel near the lively main town with many features that you should see for yourself.

Although couples like and rate this place as one of their top favorite locations, their rooms are spacious and perfect for families as well. They provide 60 luxurious suites with stylish light-filled spaces. All the colors, decorations, and designs are according to the ultimate coziness and comfortable feelings. The design enjoys natural lights and shades. This approach is harmonized and combined with the privacy feeling you expect from a romantic and all-suite accommodation provider.

Markedly, one of the exclusive services they provide and are proud of is their wellness center and the pleasure they can give to you. They use experts and sophisticated treatments for body, mind, and soul. You can also use their car rental services and arrange a trip with professional staff.

Finally, we’ll get into the dining options this hotel has to offer. The dining options are in two categories of Daytime and Nighttime. All in all, there are three venues, two of which are bars. FLAVOR is a Greek Mediterranean restaurant and Sushi Bar, providing seasonal fresh ingredients. Other options include the Splash pool bar and Bubbles lobby bar, offering excellent fresh snacks and drinks.

This resort is not only your home away from home experience provider, but also it uses natural elements in such a sophisticated way that you wouldn’t know where inside ends and outside begins.


  • The Starting Price: $250/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $750/night per room


  • Using natural light and shades as a design element.
  • Providing complete privacy.
  • Providing a home away from home experience.


  • There are limited dining options available.

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Mykonos island, famous for its windy weather, is a unique seaside iconic location for you to enjoy your trips. Markedly, this superb location has made this place one of the top favorable natural attractions, and every year, especially in the summertime, this place fills with tourists. However, being famous means there should be many accommodation providers at service. The abundance of accommodation providers often makes choosing the best one difficult. This article is here to help you choose the best option according to your unique needs and expectations.