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TOP 13 Best Luxury Hotels in santorini

Santorini luxury hotels

Some say visiting Santorini before you die is a must. This beautiful island is famous for its volcanic and romantic setting. There are many reasons why Santorini is the best island in Greek. However, it suffices to say that nowadays this place is one of the world’s top travel destinations of the world.

As always, a top travel destination means many accommodation providers for your stay. This profound article is here for you to offer the best luxurious hotels in Santorini to make the most out of your trip.


1- Andronis Luxury Suites ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Santorini Andronis Luxury Suites

Let’s start the list with one of the top luxury hotels on Santorini that has luxury in its name. Andronis Luxury Suites is famous for its tranquility and unique sense of elegance which have won many awards for its unique style. Everything at this facility has an elegant design for ultimate relaxation and comfort.

This property is on the side of the Caldera cliff, with a beautiful view over the volcano. Also, this hotel enjoys the views of the surrounding islands and the Aegean Sea. With an 18-minute walk from the beach, this beauty is not a beach resort, but it is a luxury cliff-style resort, with its suites carved in the cliff.

Markedly, the design and elegance of this all-suite luxury facility are exemplary. Natural lifestyle, authentic and charming homes, traditional Cycladic and contemporary design are the main characteristics of this beauty. Besides, couples favor this facility as one of the most romantic hotels in Santorini.

Furthermore, for dining, there is only one venue available. However, this dining venue may be the most beautiful restaurant you’ve ever seen. This restaurant is a balcony called Lycabettus. Chiefly, in line with all the other parts of the hotel, this dining venue is elegant and beautiful. This outdoor facility provides breathtaking vistas around you.

Its elegance is nothing to be found elsewhere. Especially, its dining balcony is exceptionally unique, with views to be found nowhere else. I recommend this place because of its exceptional character and style.



  • The Starting Price: $1,400/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $3,400/night per room


  • It has beautiful surroundings and ambiance.
  • The hotel enjoys a unique cliff-style design.
  • It has a stunning view of the surroundings.


  • Beach access is possible with a lengthy 18-minute walk.
  • Only one dining facility is available.

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2- Grace Hotel Santorini, Auberge Resorts Collection ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

santorini Grace Hotel

Grace Hotel Santorini from Auberge Resorts Collection is another cliff-top hotel in Santorini with Whitewashed abodes, cobalt-domed churches, and black- and red-sand beaches. This hotel is one of the award-winning hotels, 2 km from Fira, famous for its panoramic views over the sea. Luxurious accommodation, an infinity pool, and in-room spa treatment, which is a phenomenon, multiple these panoramic views.

Although nature gives the main inspiration for the main facility, its design uses modern elements. Every room at this facility provides a private balcony. Some rooms come with a plunge pool overlooking the sea, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for couples.

Furthermore, there are several services like bathroom amenities, Apivita cosmetics, an in-room fitness kit or seven-choice pillow menu, and a wide variety of in-room drinks that make your trip more pleasant than ever. However, this hotel is all about romance, and there are special romance packages you can request upon arrival. One other unique service this hotel offers is boat trips to nearby islands and private daily cruises.

Markedly, providing private dining is their most sought-after feature for a personalized dining experience. All guests can also enjoy the free breakfast every morning or enjoy an unforgettable dining experience with traditional Mediterranean cuisine at their restaurant.

This sea-facing hotel is all you need to relax with your partner. Fantastic dining options, stunning views, and many experiences like cruising around make this place one of the top favorite choices.



  • The Starting Price: $1,600/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $4,100/night per room


  • Markedly, privacy is of utmost importance at this hotel.
  • It is one of the most romantic and private hotels available.
  • Stunning cliffside location with breathtaking infinite views.
  • Free breakfast is available besides hot items.


  • Cliffside location means there are lots of steps and accessibility issues.

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3- Kivotos Santorini ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Santorini Kivotos

Kivotos Santorini describes itself as an ark-like haven into Santorini’s volcanic soul. Like other items on the list, this hotel is built upon a cliffside in Imerovigli. Kivotos Santorini is famous for its hospitality and tranquil panoramic views. Besides the exquisite vistas around, one of the unique characteristics of this facility is its all-black architecture. Markedly, this architecture, combined with its one-of-a-kind lighting and sound systems, is here to remind us the volcanic geology.

One other interesting fact about this facility is its location. Kivotos Santorini is on the highest point of caldera in Imerovigli. This location provides this opportunity for the property to enjoy and offer unique panoramic views of the volcano. Furthermore, you have access to an infinity pool, a privacy-preserving on-site bar, and stunning views of the sunset on the property.

As mentioned above, guests can take advantage of their Sonos sound system and custom lighting system to their liking. Also, each one of these units has custom-made furniture and either an outdoor or an indoor jetted pool. Regarding, this facility is both suitable for families and couples. However, couples like it more than families because of its privacy-preserving details.

Further, dining venues are in the same vein as the whole property. There are two fine-dining options available on site with exquisite bars. Also, one of the bars is a swim-up bar for your ultimate comfort.

This hotel is a sharply luxurious hotel that, unlike previous items, has private beach access. The setting and its elevated location have provided many unique vistas and stunning views that you cannot find elsewhere.



  • The Starting Price: $1,700/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $4,850/night per room


  • Unique lighting features to customize everything.
  • Unique sound system for ultimate relaxation and comfort.
  • Exceptional romantic setting and perfect for couples.
  • It has private beach access with complete amenities.


  • It has accessibility issues related to its remote location and cliff-top design.

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4- Cavo Tagoo Santorini ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

santorini Cavo Tagoo

Cavo Tagoo Santorini is rather strange. The moment you enter their official website, you realize this place is like no other. The idea behind their infinite scrolling website is their motto: travel through space and time. This all-suite accommodation provider is 6 km from Oia and 5 km from Fira. Most of all, Cavo Tagoo is famous for its personalized services and modern interior and exterior design.

Markedly, all suites at this hotel have a modern look and decoration with full amenities. However, besides amenities, its location offers you the best views from a hot tub or a private pool and a veranda or terrace. Other noteworthy features that caught our attention were boat trips to nearby islands and private daily cruises.

Furthermore, as for food, one of the most renowned chefs in Greece, Ari Vezené, welcomes you to his incredible restaurant, offering a Greek bistro and an open-fire grill. However, having delicious meals is one thing having a backdrop of a stunning sunset over Caldera is another.

Apart from the restaurant, you can also enjoy cocktails, refreshments and light meals, and the pool bar. Also, the airport shuttle is free of charge. Based on guests’ reviews, this property is an excellent choice for both families and couples.

Multi-level terraces and cliff-top location has made this five-pearl accommodation provider one of my favorite places to stay when in Santorini. Vistas and panoramic views are exceptional.



  • The Starting Price: $1,130/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,930/night per room


  • Views are splendid.
  • All decorations and minimalistic and traditional.
  • Breakfast is free with local specialties.


  • This property does not have good access to the beach.
  • The hotel is so close to the airport and road which can get noisy.

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5- Aspaki by Art Maisons ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Santorini Aspaki by Art Maisons

If you are looking for an exclusive hotel that focuses on romance, Aspaki is for you. As evident from the official website, this hotel has honeymooners and romance in mind. To this end, it provides ultimate privacy for your unforgettable romantic trip. This exclusive property is 4 minutes from the beach that has it all.

Markedly, you can enjoy Caldera and Volcano views at the same time. A common pool, a sunbathing area, a cliff-side location, and the famous Blue Domes in Santorini are the top characteristics that make this hotel an exclusive one. The design and style of the whole property are Cycladic with elegant suites, an outdoor pool, a spa center, a sauna, and a bar. As mentioned above, Aspaki by Art Maisons introduces itself particularly for honeymooners and romantic encounters.

Furthermore, other design elements at this facility are whitewashed walls, vaulted ceilings, and arched entryways, which are very eye-pleasing and beautiful. All suites have access to the outdoor hot tub, some featuring a private outdoor pool or an indoor plunge pool. Besides, the wellness facilities, including a steam bath, hot tub, massages, and treatments, make this place more relaxing than ever.

Further, as long as food goes, breakfast is free of charge with a stunning view of Santorini. This Mediterranean food & bar venue enjoys an exceptional location overlooking Caldera, the volcano, and the beautiful architecture of Oia village.

In a single word, if you are a honeymooner, or looking for a place to experience a new type of romance with your lifelong partner, then this place is for you.



  • The Starting Price: $1,450/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $2,050 per room


  • Complete privacy is evident throughout the whole property.
  • Suites are large with contemporary and traditional styles.
  • Spa treatments and aromatherapy hammam are exceptional.
  • Breakfast is free.


  • It is a part of a two-park facility by Art Mansions.
  • Limited options regarding food and dining.

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6- Art Maisons Oia Castle ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Santorini Art Maisons Oia Castle

Previously, we’ve talked about the Art Maisons’other luxurious hotel called Aspaki. This one, Oia Castle, is a luxury all-suite accommodation provider on the volcanic island of Santorini. Oia Castle is at the same place, from the same parent, and with a single website.

The castle name has a history in itself. For, this castle was once a fortress and a popular spot for romance and love. Today Oia Castle combines this tradition with a famous sunset view and breathtaking vistas. Unlike Aspaki, which is 4 minutes from the beach, this property has a 9-minute walking distance from the beach. However, it is on the edge of the caldera, which gives it a magnificent view.

The world’s most beautiful and famous sunset is visible through this property. This Cycladic style hotel is a perfect spot for both families and couples. However, couples like and rate this property as the most romantic hotel with unique views.

Markedly, Art Maisons has integrated its two stunning hotels into one facility. Dining options are the same, and guests from Oia Castle would have to travel to Aspaki for some meals. The only dining venue available here is the dedicated breakfast area of Oia Castle Luxury Suites.

This hotel is famous for its beautiful sunset view. Every room at this property has a unique look and feel with minimalistic décor. Uninterrupted views over the Aegean Sea are splendid.



  • The Starting Price: $1,600/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $2,150/night per room


  • Stunning views over the Aegean Sea.
  • All suites are large enough to provide complete privacy.
  • Free breakfast.


  • Guests may have to travel to Aspaki for some facilities.
  • It is a part of a two-park facility by Art Mansions.
  • Its restaurant isn’t full service.

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7- Santorini Secret Suites & Spa, Small Luxury Hotels of the World ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Santorini Secret Suites & Spa

Santorini Secret Suites & Spa is secret indeed. As evident from the first page of their website, Secret Hotels is an exclusive retreat on this legendary island. This hotel, too, is on a stunning piece of heaven over the Caldera. They promise to enthrall all your senses, one by one!

Everything at this hotel is entitled a secret. When navigating through their website, we encountered many titles like secret moments, secret surprises, secret healing rituals, secret activities, and even secret, hidden history! Like other items on the list, Santorini Secret is on the volcanic rocks of Oia, and all the suites overlook either caldera or the volcano.

Every room has a spacious terrace, a private outdoor pool, and a Cycladic design. Everything is minimal and elegant. This luxurious hotel, Santorini Secret Suites and Spa, is among the top romantic hotels in Santorini with extremely high ratings.

Furthermore, in terms of dining, there are two restaurants on-site. Black Rock and White Rock. Each one of these restaurants offers delectable treats and meals with Greek sensations. A prominent fact about this place is its natural surroundings and beauties besides Cycladic flavors brought about by local ingredients.

The seclusion, splendid views and heavenly ambiance makes you never want to leave the perimeter. Furthermore, this place is not so crowded and is a ‘secret’ indeed.



  • The Starting Price: $900/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $2,800/night per room


  • It is within walking distance to the center of Oia
  • Caldera views from infinity pool and bar
  • All rooms have a private hot tub or heated pool.


  • Due to cliff-side location, there may be accessibility issues.
  • Children are only allowed in the Junior Villa, not others.

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8- Andronis Boutique Hotel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

santorini Andronis Boutique Hotel

Andronis Boutique Hotel is another top brand hotel in Santorini that promises to exceed any expectations you might have about the most desirable accommodation. The property is in the quiet town of Oia, 4 km from Paradisos Beach. This hotel provides breathtaking and uninterrupted views over the Aegean Sea. Markedly, one of the most interesting facts about this view is that you have access to it from every suite, no matter which one you choose.

The uninterrupted view is possible by designing multi-level houses on top of each other so that each one captures the picturesque beauty of the sea. Unsurprisingly, based on the setting and the reviews, Andronis Boutique Hotel is famous for its romantic adventures. Honeymooners, in particular, choose this place for a memorable stay.

Furthermore, they have multiple activities curated to make your time and stay a priceless experience. Chiefly, the top-recommended activity is the Andronis Ferretti Experience. This experience, on a yacht trip around the island’s beauties, is what makes your time at this hotel well worth it. Other than that, you can enjoy wine tasting at Lycabettus Restaurant, Mykonos Shopping Spree with a private helicopter flight from Santorini to Mykonos, and private photo shooting for honeymooners and lovers.

The location of this hotel is famous for its spectacular vistas. In addition, it is, by design, a romantic encounter anyone would enjoy. Their cave-like rooms are exceptionally comfortable and luxurious.



  • The Starting Price: $1,150/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $2,300/night per room


  • Uninterrupted sea view from every suite is possible.
  • One of the most beautiful architectures on the spot.
  • Every suite at this facility has private balconies and hot tubs.


  • The multi-level design means there may be many stairs and accessibility issues.

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9- Andronis Arcadia Hotel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

santorini Andronis Arcadia Hotel

Arcadia hotel is the newest hotel from Andronis in this beautiful setting which, like its other sister hotel, Andronis Boutique, specializes in honeymooning and romantic adventures. Choosing the Arcadia name for this property refers to a mythical home of an ancient god. Unlike the other sister property, this hotel tries to be as comfortable and elegant as possible for families and couples. It promises to deliver the highest standards of comfort and elegance in the living experience.

The location of this hotel is remarkable to mention. It is 6 km off Cape Columbo Beach and 300 m from the Naval Museum of Oia, making it a splendid quiet place to enjoy complete privacy and, at the same time, close to other attractions you might be interested in visiting.

Markedly, one of the most important signatures of this hotel is that every suite has its private pool towards the Aegean Sea and the island’s unforgettable, famous sunsets. Besides, there is an outdoor public pool with a sea view too.

Furthermore, in terms of dining, you have two options of Pacman Sunset and Opson. On the one hand, Pacman Sunset Restaurant offers exquisite Sushi and Mediterranean food. On the other hand, Opson Restaurant serves the best ancient Greek meals and flavors.

This hotel is famous for its friendly staff and hospitality. Also, the splendid views over the renowned sunset from your private pool in the evening make your day.



  • The Starting Price: $1,200/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $8,300/night per room


  • All rooms provide a private pool.
  • There is a tea/coffee maker in all the rooms.
  • Besides the private pool, there is an outdoor public pool.
  • Their breakfast menu is exemplary.


  • Although it has stunning views, it is not the famous caldera view.

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10- The Saint Hotel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

santorini The Saint Hotel

The official website of this hotel says it all in one beautiful sentence. The Saint Hotel is a luxurious haven for passionate and free-spirited lovers. The whole idea behind this facility is to recharge your soul with godlike sensations. The hotel promises to deliver a perfect hideaway with admiring majestic views. The private pool, jacuzzi, and terrace compliments everything just mentioned above.

When in Saint Hotel, you feel an ultimate relaxed sensation as if your dreams come true. They have done anything to make sure everything is loose and free in the wild. This paradise is on the hills of Oia, 5 km from Cape Columbo Beach. Another notable nearby place is the Naval Museum of Oia, 1.3 km away.

Furthermore, to make matters more romantic, there is a yacht trip to enjoy the sweet breeze and The Sacred Spa, which helps you reconnect with yourself in a splendid space you’ve never seen before. Besides, it features one of the finest restaurants called The Trinity Restaurant. With la carte menus and cocktails, and an infinity pool-side setting, this restaurant offers refined local flavors for your taste buds.

At the Saint Hotel, start your day with a delicious breakfast, with a great view over the sea, with a friendly-faced staff. Everything is superb and so peaceful that you wouldn’t believe it.



  • The Starting Price: $1,350/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $2,100/night per room


  • It has an exceptionally romantic setting.
  • Its surroundings and views are splendid.
  • The staff is friendly and welcoming.
  • The whole place has peaceful and calming sensations.


  • There is only one restaurant available on-site.
  • Because of the hillside location, there may be some accessibility issues.

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11- Katikies Santorini – The Leading Hotels of The World ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

santorini Katikies

Katikies Santorini is another luxury hotel in Santorini that offers to awaken all your senses in a Greek getaway. When you step inside, you immediately feel the deep emotions inside you become alive. This hotel is famous for its warm ambiance and services, creating a sense of romance in a natural environment.

From the beginning, it is plain clear that this facility caters to all your romantic needs and experiences. Katikies Santorini calls itself a legendary hotel, offering an emblem for Santorini’s mythical beauty. Markedly, another point of interest for this facility is its intimate atmosphere, architecture, and premier services, which made it an exceptional choice for romantic couples.

Other than that, this property is a 10-minute walk from the beach and provides an uplifting place. This elevated location makes beautiful views over the blue waters of the Aegean Sea more pleasant and uninterrupted. Besides, having multiple infinity pools in multiple levels has made the views over the Caldera breathtakingly beautiful.

All rooms at this property have a private terrace that provides unforgettable and uninterrupted views over the sea. Furthermore, you can enjoy open-air, outdoor, and indoor swimming pools whenever you want. Besides, in terms of dining, you can enjoy their candle-lit terrace restaurant on-site in a very romantic setting. At this restaurant, you feel like on the clouds.

The sense of romance and every other calming and relaxing feeling you get from this hotel is so pure that you wouldn’t believe it unless you feel them yourself.



  • The Starting Price: $1,650/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $3,250/night per room


  • Uninterrupted view over the Aegean Sea with an elevated location.
  • The whole area is quiet and calm.
  • Each room has a furnished balcony.


  • Not all rooms have uninterrupted sea views.
  • Although the beach is near, the property doesn’t have a private beach.
  • There isn’t any spa and wellness center available. However, there is a fitness center and a sauna.

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12- Santorini Princess Presidential Suites ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Santorini Princess Presidential Suites

Santorini Princess Presidential Suites places your ultimate comfort and unique feeling in a luxurious setting, in which the best things await you. This place is famous for being a peaceful and quiet place in a scenery environment. Surrounded by the ultimate luxury, you’ll feel being taken care of by the best hospitality experience ever possible in the entire arena. If you want to make lasting memories, this facility, by design, is for that.

The hotel welcomes you to a journey of all senses to take care of all your needs. Santorini Princess in Akrotiri village provides a perfect hideaway from the busy city life. One interesting fact about the design of this place, it tries to preserve the traditional Cycladic style design. However, it also provides all modern amenities in a very spacious manner.

All the rooms at this facility hold a private pool, a hot tub, and a large furnished terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Caldera. All amenities and design elements make this place suitable for families and couples. However, lovers like this place more than families because of its privacy-preserving features.

Furthermore, regarding dining, you can enjoy creative Greek dishes with a young and talented team of chefs fascinated with local fresh materials.

Location-wise you cannot find anywhere more secluded and peaceful than this. This place is on a caldera rim and an upscale, luxurious place to spend some time watching the beautiful and famed sunsets.



  • The Starting Price: $1,500/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,730/night per room


  • Its location is unique and isolated, making it a secluded, peaceful place.
  • Breakfast and all meals are authentic Greek cuisine.
  • Markedly, apartment-style and spacious rooms are perfect for families.
  • An outdoor pool and deck area is ideal for everyone to enjoy.


  • Transferring (by helicopter) is not free of charge.
  • Because of the hillside location, there may be some accessibility issues.

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13- Melidonia Suites ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

santorini Melidonia Suites

Finally, we’ve arrived at the last item on the list, otherwise one of the most beautiful hotels in this place. Melidonia Suites is on the high cliffs of Akrotiri Village, which with an elevated location, provides you with panoramic views over the sea, caldera, and the volcano.

Also, this property is a 15-minute walk from the Archaeological Site of Akrotiri, a renowned attraction in itself. Furthermore, you have beach access with a 14-minute walk. Other notable beaches accessible from this property are the famous Red Beach and the White Beach.

Markedly, one of the running themes throughout this property is privacy. As such, they call their suites independent ones. Each suite has a private terrace and private heated pool with uninterrupted views over the sea, caldera, and the volcano. These privacy-preserving ideas have made Melidonia Suites one of the top choices for romantic couples and small families.

One interesting fact about their dining venues is that they call their breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes homemade. This homemade menu, combined with uninterrupted views over the infinite blue and traditional Greek meals, makes this terrace-restaurant one of the most unforgettable experiences you’ll ever have in your lifetime.

These suites are famous for their privacy. Imagine having complete privacy in a terrace or a hot tub and having uninterrupted views over the sea, caldera, and the volcano in your footsteps. The setting is perfect!


  • The Starting Price: $1,000/night per room
  • The Most Expensive Option: $1,430/night per room


  • Uninterrupted view over the volcano, caldera, and sea.
  • Secluded and breathtaking views from the dining facility.
  • Markedly, privacy-preserving ideas and mentality.
  • Access to several beaches, although within walking distance.


  • Only one restaurant is available on-site.
  • Beach access requires a long walk.
  • Cliff-side location means there may be some accessibility issues.

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Santorini is a natural wonder famous for its volcano. This volcano has provided many magnificent views and attractions around. Markedly, its sunsets are famed around the globe. All these things make the place one of the top travel destinations in the world. What we saw in this article was a list of top luxury hotels in this favorable travel destination.