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Anantara Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort

As mentioned before, desert activities are among the top reasons people travel to Dubai. Hense, desert resorts emerge with a focus on desert activities. Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort is one of the top luxurious resorts to provide a comfortable and relaxed stay in the Desert. This resort is on Liwa Desert with a traditional castle décor. In fact, “Qasr” in Arabic means “palace.” So, you exactly know what to expect when arriving at this hotel. All rooms use luxurious traditional touches with earthy hues.

All rooms in this castle provide sliding large windows opening to a desert. Here you can take a panoramic view over the infinite desert daytime and infinite clean starlit sky at night. Inside the rooms, with the decorations and colors, you feel like a prince in a big castle. You can also enjoy a deep soaking bath, a rainshower, or sit and relax on the terrace.

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Anantara Qasr al Sarab hotel terrace

Outdoor pools:

Outside the room, you can enjoy outdoor pools and a breath-taking seating area along, a relaxing spa or a gym. Anantara Spa is there for all your relaxation and comfort needs. There is also an authentic hammam in which you can experience a traditional bath service.

Anantara Qasr al Sarab dubai pool

Anantara Qasr al Sarab Complete Desert activities:

But you are not here for the luxury room or relaxation services. You are here to experience the typical activities related to the desert. This hotel has an organization just for your desert need. Desert Excursion Center provides many desert activities like camel riding, horseback riding, dune basing services with 4×4 cars, and desert walks (for introductory and relaxation purposes). Also, there is a tennis court and a kid’s club where you can enjoy your time with your kids and younger guests. Archery and mountain biking are two other special activities planned on-site.

Anantara Qasr al Sarab Resort Kids club

Besides the planned activities, being in the desert provides a space like no other: Imagine a secluded, clean area without any city noises, under the infinite starlit sky by the campfire or outdoor pools with lounge chairs and palm trees. How refreshing can that be?

We recommend packing a light jacket and enough sun-blocking products before heading out to a desert accommodation. The prices start from US$530/night per couple. Their one-bedroom Anantara Pool Villa costs US$1160/night, with a private plunge pool and, best of all, an outdoor shower.

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